Poster session

The Poster Session is scheduled

on Friday, 25 June 2021 from 13:30 to 14:00.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to chat with the poster presenters online via Zoom meeting room (links are available bellow the posters).



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Author: Anamarija Perušić Pribanić (anamarija.perusic@uniri.hr)

Poster Title: Generalizations of Steffensen's inequality by interpolating polynomials

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/87102943499


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Author: Doménica Garzón (domenica.garzon@yachaytech.edu.ec)

Poster Title: Covid-19 Transmission on long-term care facilities: optimizing control strategies

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/83998410414



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Author: Jasna Prezelj (jasna.prezelj@fmf.uni-lj.si)

Poster Title: On the continuation of quaternionic logarithm along curves and the winding number

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/87860850607



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Author: Fabio Vlacci (fvlacci@units.it)

Poster Title: On a construction of quaternionic and octonionic Riemann surfaces

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/81880206254



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Author: Olha Trofymenko (odtrofimenko@gmail.com)

Poster Title: Mean value theorems for polynomial solutions of linear elliptic equations with constant coefficients in the complex plane

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/87095336808



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Author: Saveliy Skresanov (skresan@math.nsc.ru)

Poster Title: On 2-closures of rank 3 groups

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/89033972937



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Author: Vedrana Mikulić Crnković (vmikulic@math.uniri.hr)

Poster Title: Weakly self-orthogonal designs and related linear codes

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/85694844152


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Author: Umida Baltaeva (umida_baltayeva@mail.ru)

Poster Title: Boundary value problems for the loaded equation with integro-differential operator

Zoom link: https://upr-si.zoom.us/j/84218966716