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Call for Satellite Conferences

Important announcement: 

Call for Satellite Conferences re-opened!

Applicants have until 31 March, 2021 to submit their proposals.




Open Call for 8ECM Satellite Conference Proposals


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With this Open Call, the 8ECM Organising Committee invites all interested parties who wish to apply for organizing an 8ECM satellite conference (SC).


Internal and External SC

Two types of SCs are possible - Internal SC and External SC. The venue of an internal SC should be at the venue of 8ECM - St. Bernardin Congress Center in Portorož.



SC dates must be closely linked to those of 8ECM, but must not overlap. 

Internal SCs have to start at the earliest on Thursday (June 17, 2021) and finish by Sunday midday (June 20, 2021). 

External SCs to be held before 8ECM have to finish by Sunday midday (June 20, 2021). External SCs to be held after 8ECM have to start at the earliest on Sunday (June 27, 2021).

After approval of the SC, the proposed dates of the SC must not change and should remain the same as they are written in the SC proposal. 

8ECM support for internal SCs

For internal SCs, the Organising Committee of 8ECM will also act as technical organizers, while the proposers of the SC will be in charge of the scientific program (including the costs of invited speakers) of the SC. The participants of an internal SC will be asked to register for the Congress as well, and a combined fee for the SC will not exceed 120% of the 8 ECM fee.

In exchange, the Organising Committee of 8ECM will waive the fee for the main organizer. Each internal SC has a member on the Satellite Conferences sub-committee of 8ECM (SCSC8ECM).

Approving SC proposals

The status of an SC will be approved based on several criteria, including scientific quality. Acceptance of the proposal is subject to evaluation and decision by the Local Scientific Committee.

Upon final approval of the Internal SC, the SC organizer will be asked to sign an agreement with the 8ECM Organising Committee. The signed agreement gives the final approval of the proposed SC. 

The Organising Committee of 8ECM will waive the 8ECM fee for the main organizer of the external SC in the case that at least 50 SC participants register for 8ECM. 


Location of External SCs

An external SC should be held at a location that can be reached from the venue of 8ECM preferably within 3 hours but under no circumstances more than 6 hours of overland transportation. The organization and budget of an external SC are totally independent of the 8ECM. The organization and the costs of the External SC are under the full responsibility of the SC organizers. 



SCs are announced by 8ECM only after approval by the Local Scientific Committee. SC organizers agree to advertise 8ECM on the SC website, including the 8ECM logo, EMS logo and the links to the 8ECM website and EMS website. When a sufficient number (at least 20) of participation fees for 8ECM are obtained from SC participants, active advertisement of the SC conference is performed by 8ECM e.g. by sponsoring the poster.  

SC will be advertised on the 8ECM website, including title, abstract, dates, city of venue and information about the SC organizers. 


Providing information 

SC organizers agree to communicate the attendance list for their SC to the 8ECM Organising Committee, including names and emails. This list will be used for 8ECM mailings and statistics. 8ECM will not distribute this list for commercial purposes.


The connection between SC and 8ECM 

The Organising Committee would like to encourage the SC organizers to apply for 8ECM Minisymposia as well. The aim is to present the best results from the SC at the 8ECM.


Submitting the proposal

The application form is to be submitted online through the official 8ECM website.


Before starting the submission

In the submission process you will need the following information (it is recommended you collect all these data before starting the submission):

  • Personal data of the SC organizer and co-organisers, including MathSciNet ID or zbMATH ID number (if available);
  • Up to 3 MSC2010 codes best describing the proposed SC subject;
  • Title and subject of the SC (with an appropriate classification number);
  • Abstract of the proposed SC in no more than 6000 characters, including spaces. 

The abstract should be written to attract those who specifically work on your topic as well as those who work in related areas. We suggest the following outline: 

  1. Explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and why it is important in significant applications. 
  2. Identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems, including their advantages and shortcomings. 
  3. Describe the scope of your SC. In the case that the proposed SC is selected this text will be published on the congress webpage to present the SC.
  • Approximate dates of the SC;
  • SC Venue;
  • Tentative number of participants;
  • Tentative conference fee and website (if available);
  • List of invited speakers with their MathSciNet ID or zbMATH ID and affiliations.


The list of invited speakers should be confirmed by no later than 31 March, 2021 (with a working web page for the SC). Only minor changes (w.r.t. the proposal) will be allowed, based on a precise explanation. The purpose of an SC is to encourage simultaneous participation of mathematicians, both at the conference (SC) and at the Congress (8ECM). 

Deadline for SC proposals

Deadline for application is 31 March, 2021


If you require any further information, please contact the Office of the 8ECM Organising Committee by email at 8ecm2020@famnit.upr.si